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Wednesday, November 27th  - 6:30pm

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A tradition of proven academic excellence allowing each student to reach their highest potential in a Christ-centered environment is what makes Good Shepherd Lutheran School an exemplary choice in education.



A Tradition of Excellence


Good Shepherd Lutheran School students in grades 1-8 take the MAP test three times each year in the areas of Reading and Math.  We are proud that 85% of our students scored in the average to above grade level in the areas of Reading and Math.   We are blessed at Good Shepherd to have specialized teaching staff to assist all students in their growth no matter where they fall on the score range.  MAP does this by adjusting to each student’s responses and creates a personalized assessment experience.  MAP Growth data drives instruction by pinpointing the instructional areas our students are ready to tackle—whether they’re on, above, or below grade level.

4th Graders Visit MOWA


Good Shepherd 4th grade students visited the Museum of Wisconsin Art.  They examined art created by Wisconsin's finest artists and engaged in compelling conversations involving art interpretation.

Mrs. Kulow Announces her Retirement!


Teachers spend their lifetime educating students and creating a better life for them. Our teachers are caring people who build up a student's foundation of knowledge and teach students about Jesus. 

Mrs. Kulow is such a teacher.  Over the years, she has shared her joy of teaching with hundreds of young students who passed through her classroom.  Thank you for everything you did over the past 46 years!  Thank you for your endless patience, motivation, and persistence which helped students become better people.

God bless your retirement!


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