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Good Shepherd Lutheran School

Good Shepherd Lutheran School
777 Indiana Avenue
West Bend, WI 53095
phone: 262-334-7881
email: jsievert@gslswb.org

Our Mission

Reaching out with God’s Word Good Shepherd Lutheran School assists families with educating, encouraging and equipping children for life and for eternity.

Our Vision

Good Shepherd Lutheran School works together with parents to help children grow spiritually, academically, socially, emotionally, and physically.

Our Objectives

As a child develops spiritually, he will:

  • Grow in knowledge and grace in the triune God, trusting that the Lord Jesus Christ is his personal Savior from sin, and desire more faithfully to worship and serve Him.
  • Grow in knowledge of the sacred Scriptures, equipping himself to apply God’s Word to his own life situations, and to encourage Christian living by faithful use of the Word and sacrament.
  • Grow in understanding the nature, function, and responsibility of the Church as the body of Christ.
  • Develop a zeal for the promotion of God’s Kingdom.

As a child develops academically, he will

  • Grow in his knowledge and use of the communication arts, mathematics, the social and natural sciences, and the fine arts.
  • Learn the skills necessary to live in this world successfully.

As a child develops socially, he will

  • Recognize all people to be God’s creatures and show respect, courtesy, and consideration for the rights and welfare of others.
  • Live and function in the family, showing respect and love to parents and to God from whom the parents receive their authority.
  • Grow in a spirit of love and obedience towards God’s representatives in the church and school.
  • style="font-size:12px;"Respect the government as established by God, appreciate the privileges he enjoys in this country, and exercise his responsibilities as a member of the community, the nation, and the world.

As a child develops emotionally, he will

  • Recognize his sin and need for a Savior.
  • Find security in Jesus Christ, his Savior, revealed in the Holy Scripture.
  • Receive direction in practicing Christian love toward all men through the example of Jesus Christ.

As a child develops physically, he will

  • Learn that his body is a gift from God.
  • Accept responsibility for its health, safety, recreation, and relaxation.

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