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About Us

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Volunteer Registration
Have fun and build connections with other Good Shepherd members and friends. Below are just a few of the current opprotunities. Download the form for more ideas on how you can personally serve others at Good Shepherd and in our community. Please register by calling 262-334-7881 or use the handy online form. 

What volunteer ideas do you have? Please share them by texting Gwen Pasbrig at 651-278-5793. Thank you!


Additional on-going Service Opportunities:

_____ The Quilting group would welcome additional help in tying quilts on Friday mornings in the narthex. Contact: Eileen Searvogel
_____ Extra people are needed to take DVD’s and bulletins to shut-ins.  Contact: Eileen Schmiege
_____ Little Lambs invites people to come in and rock babies in the morning or after 3 pm.  Contact: Cheryl Henkel.
_____ Someone to disinfect and sort toys at Little Lambs once a week.  Contact: Chery Henkel.
_____ People to run the Video Projector for services.  Training provided. Contact: Jim Sievert
_____ Play instrument for worship.  My Instrument is _________________
_____ Greet people before services Contact: Gretchen Crowley
_____ Deliver welcome packets to visitors. Contact: Pastor Hein
_____ Several ushers are needed, especially for handing out bulletins before services.  All are welcome.  Contact: Ron Kempf.
_____ Provide rides to church or Bible class.  Contact: Pastor Hein


To volunteer, drop this form in the box in the narthex or download the form from the website under Signup.    www.goodshepherdwels.org

Click Here for PDF to Download


Service and Fellowship Opportunities

Volunteer Youth Worker Training

– All called, hired and volunteer youth workers (18 and older) who work with our youth for child care, kid’s programs like VBS and Christmas For Kids, sports, Sunday School, Pioneers, drive for eld trips etc. are required to annually a end a youth worker training ses- sion. Our next session will be held Wednesday August 29th at 6:15 pm in the Fellowship Hall.

Ladies’ League is held the rst Tuesday of each month at both 9:30 a.m. and 7:00 p.m. beginning September 4th. All ladies are invit- ed. A booklet highligh ng Ladies League events and service opportunities is available in the narthex.

Pioneers – Welcoming all children 1st-8th grade! The 2018/2019 Pio- neers program is set to start Mon- day, September 10th from 6:00-7:30 pm, beginning in church. You do not need to be a member of Good Shepherd or go to Good Shepherd School to join Pioneers. It is open to all children. We usual- ly meet every 2nd and 4th Monday from 6:00-7:30 pm. The cost for the year is $25/child. We have a two-night fall camping event for both boys and girls. Regular mee ngs include cooking, cra s, games and Chris an fellowship with other children.

Men’s Bible Breakfast – Men, you are invited to our Men’s Bible Breakfast. Enjoy a hearty meaty breakfast, served by our Board of Evangelism, and a short Bible study Saturday, September 15th from 8:00-9:30 am. Held in our new Fellowship Hall. Led by Pastor Hein. Topic – “Dealing with Difficult People”.

This is a great way to grow in your faith and get to know your brothers in Christ at Good Shepherd be er. For planning purposes, please sign up in the narthex.

Staying connected while away at College -It is vital that young people going o to college not dri away from Christ and his Word during those crucial years of educa on. WELS Campus Ministry is here to help by providing religious materials and

Opportunies for Spiritual Growth and Chrisian Fellowship
Please submit the school addresses of all college students to the church o ce as soon as possible so we can add them to the campus ministry mailing list.

History of our Church Bell – “The Bell With a Peal”

This bell became available in 1968 when two churches in Rosendale merged. The Methodist members did not want the bell sold to an an que dealer. Mr Milton Kuehl from our congrega on brought this bell idea for us to consider a pur- chase. Maurice Bobholz and Lloyd Gatzke recommended to the coun- cil that we buy the bell. This was approved and purchased for $ 450 from the Rosendale Church.

Shortly therea er, Maurice, Rich- ard Tharman, Lloyd and sons Rob- ert and Ken went to Rosendale to get the bell. A crane with a 75 boom was rented. The rst job was removing the belfry tower. A chain saw was used and the tower li ed o . We were working in about a foot of dove do-do.

Special Gift Opportunities

We are seeking special gifts for items we were not able to be include in our $3.2 million expansion project. They include furnishings for our new spaces, and items like portable coat racks. You may adopt an entire item or designate toward a room. Forms, price lists and envelopes for this purpose are in the narthex.

We are presently reviewing prices for our furnishings to purchases and back-rolled with quality items at lower prices. Once approved, we will update our price list. a seal coat and two coats of paint. The cost of this painting project is not included in our building fund. It needs to be done professionally, rather than by volunteers. We are seeking a special gi of $6,700 to fund this important project.

Contact Mr. Jim Sievert if you would like to cover a special gift towards this purpose.

Special gifts may be given in honor of a blessing or in memory of a loved one and will be included in the dedication booklet.

We also need to paint the outside walls of the church and school in various new and existing areas. These areas need to be sprayed