~Frequently Asked Questions~
    Do I have to be a member to attend?
  • No membership needed. If you are a mom, you are welcome to attend any event or class. We would love to have you join the fun!
    Where are events held?
  • Events are held at Little Lambs Child Care Center located at the corner of Decorah and Indiana.
    Where are Bible classes held?
  • Moms Friday Bible class is held on designated Fridays. We meet in the narthex of Good Shepherd Lutheran Church.
    Do I have to attend every event?
  • We understand that you lead a busy life! Attend as many or as few events as you are able. We welcome you at any and all events.
    Is there a cost involved?
  • We did charge for events and child care at one time. Now we no longer have to because of the generous donations of our supporters. Please feel free to join us and donate if you are so moved to share your blessings!
    I've never studied the Bible before. Will I feel out of place?
  • No need to worry if you have never studied the Bible. The classes are geared for everyone! While we may take a deep dive into God's Word once in a while, every class has something for every mom.