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Meet Our Pastors

Meet Our Pastors

Pastor Robert Hein       Pastor John Paustian Pastor Richard Lauersdorf
revRhein@gmail.com paustian@charter.net ernstl2934@outlook.com
262 334-7881, ext.1 262-338-8529 262 334-7881

To find out more about our teachings and ministry, come visit us, or call us at 262-334-7881 or Click Here.
Meet Our Faculty/Staff

Meet Our Assistants
Peggy Rechlitz       Jackie Cull Gwen Pasbrig
prechlitz@gslswb.org jcull@gslswb.org gpasbrig@gslswb.org
262 334-7881  M-W-F 262-334-7881 T-Th 262 334-7881