Day 25: Serve God and Serve the Church  “Never be lacking in zeal, but keep your spiritual fervor, serving the Lord.” Romans 12:11

The nineteenth century writer of “A Christmas Carol,” Charles Dickens, wisely noted: “No one is useless in this world who lightens the burdens of another.” His famous book has turned into a play shown ‘round the world each time the holidays roll by. 

One of the beloved characters, Tiny Tim, is saved by old Mr. Scrooge’s awakened compassion for the hurting around him. Everyone loves Tim, and Scrooge is a person we all love to hate until he repents, turns, and shows the true spirit of Christmas, a loving heart and a giving hand.

Serving others is a hallmark of being a believer in Jesus. Serving God by serving others is a lesson well-learned and applied. Does your husband put a priority on serving God and others? Tell him how much you see Jesus in him when he does. 

Has your husband developed relationships among other believers? Is he able to easily share his faith with his brothers in Christ? Pray for these relationships, that they are God-pleasing and that the Lord would heal and bind up any misunderstandings or misgivings about his service to the Lord.

If he is not currently serving at church, pray for opportunities where he can offer a service that presents a real need in your church family. Ask God to open his heart to a spirit of faithful and humble service in your church. 

TRY THIS: Find out what areas of service appeal the most to your husband. Does he like to work outside on church properties? Would he sing in the choir or play a musical instrument in church? Is he a great cook who could work in a concession stand? Does he have gifts to coach or encourage young people on sporting teams? Whatever he decides to do in service to God and the church, tell him how thankful you are that he demonstrates a heart of compassion for doing this work. Offer to help him achieve in his areas of talent, if your doing so will enhance his joy.

A WIFE’S PRAYER: O Lord, you are worthy of our best efforts to show love. You have asked us to love one another as you love us. I pray for my husband to have a spirit of service in his heart. Present him with opportunities to serve your church by humbly serving others. When disagreements arise within the church, give him a spirit of reconciliation, so that your work is not hindered. Give him zeal to put your service first in his heart, and plant a huge measure of joy inside. Help us to find ways to serve together and thus bring glory to your name. For Jesus sake, Amen.

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