Day 24: Pray for Fidelity  “Many claim to have unfailing love, but a faithful person who can find? The righteous lead blameless lives; blessed are their children after them.” Proverbs 20:6–7

Are you a mama bear when it comes to protecting your children? Most parents guard their infants and small children with a fierce love. We would do anything to protect our children from harm and danger, and we even go overboard for the slightest offenses. As a rule, this love protects our kids from outside intruders who seek to injure them. Our love keeps our babies safe. 

One author was imagining how much better off marriages would be if we applied the same vigor to protecting our union with our spouses. She decided it would put divorce on a down trend and lessen the traumatic effects of separation in families. Do you agree? 

Take a moment and feel the seriousness of your wedding vows. Do you talk about your wedding day more than once a year? Are you guarding your promises to be faithful? Do you seek to fulfill your vow to be faithful until “death do we part” and thus honor God’s design for marriage? Are you aware that your marriage is a beautiful picture of Christ and His Bride, the church? 

The Bible says we need to take captive all thoughts for Christ. Entertaining lustful thoughts and nurturing relationships with the opposite sex will eventually put us far away from God's design for marriage. In daily living, we are called to be faithful as believers, as parents, and especially as husbands and wives.

Is your husband a faithful man? If so, praise him for honoring you and your relationship above all others. Have you built up trust in your marriage? Thank God for putting a spirit of faithfulness in you both. 

TRY THIS: Pay attention to the amount of time spent on social media and set boundaries. Put down the phone and have face-to-face conversations each day. Monitor TV time and pay attention to which shows you watch that honor marriage and which shows do not. Never bring up divorce as an option to solve problems you wrestle with, but resolve to remain faithful to your spouse. Forgive and trust in God to be the third strand of your marriage bond. 

A WIFE’S PRAYER: Lord God, you authored marriage and bless your children through the bonds of wedlock. Please keep my husband aware or the seriousness of our marriage vows. Guard his heart and steer it towards you. Give us both a desire to be faithful to each other, and to honor the vows we took in front of you. When we are weak, fill us with courage to restrain our wayward hearts. Turn us back to one another and back to you. Thank you for your unfailing love toward us. You will never let us down. In Jesus’ name. Amen.