Day 23: Making Peace a Priority   "Seek peace and pursue it." —Psalm 34:14 

"You keep him in perfect peace whose mind is stayed on you, because he trusts in you." — Isaiah 26:3 

Peace isn’t an automatic given in this world. God’s Word tells us we need to seek it, pursue it, and focus on peace. Did you know that you as the wife set the tone for the degree of peace in your home?

It’s been said that if the husband is the thermometer of the home, the wife is the thermostat. The way you live your life sets the tone for the family and your relationship to your husband.

Do you encourage your husband to pursue peace? Does he have a gentle spirit or is he good at diffusing conflict with the children? Remind him in a loving way about the power of words. They can be “life-taking” or “life-giving” to your family. Thank him when he uses words of kindness in your home. Tell him you appreciate his efforts to protect his family from negative and harmful entertainment viewed in your home. 

TRY THIS: Seek peace. 
Here are some questions to see how well you are setting a course for seeking peace:
• Is life moving at too fast a pace? What can you do to slow the pace?
• Do you criticize quickly and without thought? 
• Are you impatient or arrogant with others?
• Do you regularly allow negative entertainment in media, books, magazines or on TV to invade your home?
• Have you set your mind to maintain peace through the words you speak?
• Are there quiet and peaceful times in your home, even when everyone is present and accounted for?

Take time to assess the peace quotient and the atmosphere of your home.

A WIFE’S PRAYER: Lord God, thank you for the home you have given my spouse and me. Help us to fill it with words that give life, and actions that maintain life. You are the Prince of Peace. Rule over my heart, my marriage and my home so that peace, your peace, is a priority. In Jesus, Amen.