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Serving Opportunities
for the next 6 months: September 2017 – February 2018

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_____ Adults to monitor the arrival of students coming to school during construction of the building addition.   School days between 7:30 and 8:30 am.  A number of people needed. Every day needs to be covered.  Contact: Mr. Sievert. 
_____ 1 or 2 people with graphic design or marketing interest to work on the pictorial directory opening pages.  Finished by Oct. 31.  Work with Pastor Paustian.
_____ 1 or 2 men to accompany the teens to their events.  Dates are Aug. 26, Sept 15, Oct. 27, Nov. 19, Jan. 14, and March 11.  Contact: Chrissy Rau.
Coaches Needed – Contact: Chrissy Rau
_____ 5-6 grade girls’ volleyball assistant coach.  Aug – Oct.
_____ 5-6 grade girls’ basketball coach.  Nov.– Feb. 
_____ A head coach and an assistant coach for cheerleading. Nov. – Feb.
_____ Someone to be a back-up lunch server - To be called when the regular person cannot be there.  10am – 1 pm. Contact: Peg or Jackie in the office.
_____ Assist with Property Work Day on Sep. 9.  Begins at 8 am. Indoor and outdoor projects. Contact: Dave Garvey
_____ Sunday school needs a teacher for grade 2. They also need a few substitute teachers for when the regular teachers cannot be there.  Right now it becomes necessary to combine classes if a teacher needs to be gone.  Contact: Cheryl Henkel.
­­­­­_____ Pioneers need both male and female leaders. Meetings are the 2nd and 4th Mondays of the month.  Contact: Samantha Ehley
_____ Ladies Choir and Adult Handbell Choir welcome extra members. Contact: Eileen Schmiege.
_____ Ladies League welcomes new members.  They meet the 1st Tuesday of the month at 9:30 am and 7:00 pm.  They are also looking for people to add to a list of those willing to make salads or desserts for funerals.   
_____ Men needed to cook, serve and help clean-up for the Men’s Breakfast.  Date is Sep. 16.   Contact Pastor Hein.
_____ Babysitters needed for 3 Time Out for Moms events.  Dates are Sept. 16, Nov. 11, and Feb. 3.    Times are 9-11am.  Contact: Marilyn Sievert.
_____ Donations of bottled water, granola bars, and fruit snacks for the School Friends Walk, Oct. 13.  Mark and bring to the school office before between Oct. 1 and 11.
_____ We need many volunteers to help with Christmas for Kids.  The date is Dec. 2.  Keep the date in mind,  More info and sign up will be on the website. or contact Pastor Hein or Gwen Pasbrig.
_____ Cookies needed for the cookie walk, Dec. 3.  Details will be provided in late November. Contact: Marilyn Sievert.
_____ The Quilting group would welcome additional help in tying quilts on Friday mornings in the narthex. Contact: Eileen Searvogel
_____ Extra people are needed to take DVD’s and bulletins to shut-ins.  Contact: Eileen Schmiege
_____ Little Lambs invites people to come in and rock babies in the morning or after 3 pm.  Contact: Cheryl Henkel.
_____ Someone to disinfect and sort toys at Little Lambs once a week.  Contact: Chery Henkel.
_____ People to run the Video Projector for services.  Training provided. Contact: Jim Sievert
_____ Play instrument for worship.  My Instrument is _________________
_____ Greet people before services Contact: Gretchen Crowley
_____ Deliver welcome packets to visitors. Contact: Pastor Hein
_____ Several ushers are needed, especially for handing out bulletins before services.  All are welcome.  Contact: Ron Kempf.
_____ Provide rides to church or Bible class.  Contact: Pastor Hein
To volunteer, drop this form in the box in the narthex or download the form from the website under Signup.    www.goodshepherdwels.org

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